Train with an Australian Coach

As a media trainer, I prepare people to handle interviews.

As a public speaker,  I develop people’s content and stage presence.

As a negotiator, I help people find opportunity and create value with other people.

As a coach, I encourage you to define and achieve goals.

As an Australian, I teach the anglo-saxon tradition of oral communication, learnt throughout our school years.

As a singer and musician, I show how to deal with being on stage in front of an audience.

As an entrepreneur, I share your motivation to succeed.

As an expatriate who has chosen to live in France, I understand the cultural differences in communicating in a second language.

As a consultant, I’m external to your organisation, so I can ask difficult questions and give fair assessments. I can challenge you.

Information about how to communicate more effectively is widely available. My approach is similar to those of TJ Walker, Andrew Carapiet, Carmine Gallo, Alan Weiss, Deepak Malhotra, Max Bazerman, Matt Lohmeyer, Daniel Pink and Michael J Skok.

The basic techniques are :

  • Being prepared
  • Considering the audience
  • Telling stories
  • Returning to your message points

Information about better communicating is effectively free.

Actually doing it is priceless.

You already speak English. You learnt it at school. It’s time to start using it.

The Australian approach is pragmatic. We learn by doing.