Mark Harding

State your conclusion first.

It’s the way English-speaking people communicate.

We expect to hear the conclusion first, because we are taught to communicate in this way.

If you don’t provide the conclusion first, we don’t feel like you are answering the question or addressing the issue.

State the conclusion first, because this gives us the context in which to assess and interpret what you’re saying.

Stating the conclusion first is a sign of respect. It acknowledges that I have the right to choose to listen to you or not, and if I don’t want to listen to you, I’m not going to.

Stating the conclusion first buys you freedom. Having established that I know what we’re talking about and that I want to listen to you, you are then free to express your ideas in any way that you would like.

Stating your conclusion first allows you to re-iterate your conclusion numerous times during your presentation, ensuring that your message is heard by your audience.

State your conclusion first, because it’s the way English-speaking people communicate.

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