Mark is ideally suited to his role as English Coach in Media Training, Public Speaking and Negotiation.

His ten years of experience in coaching non-native English speakers in Paris has given him a thorough understanding of the issues faced in communicating in a second language, these issues being primarily cultural.

As an Australian, Mark began speaking publicly from the age of five, « Show and Tell » [1] being an essential activity in Australian schools. He moved on to become Third Speaker in the Sydney Technical High School debating team, and trained to speak publicly with Toastmasters.

Mark experienced success on stage as a singer/songwriter/musician in his bands Cool Calm & Deceptive, Harry’s Vice, Glow, Afterglow and Broken Heart Research.

Starting his career as the Technical Director of the Nimrod Theatre Company he moved on to build his own business providing technical support to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The Australian Caption Centre and The Heart Research Institute, among others.

Mark has started businesses, succeeded, failed, re-assessed, adapted, surmounted and triumphed.

He uses his wide range of skills and experience to tackle any subject with the single-minded goal of improving the English communication of his clients at individual, corporate and enterprise level.

He is currently working on his new book, provisionally titled For Better or for Worse: Use the English You’ve Got.

Mark moved to France in 2001 and is now considered one of the foremost experts in leveraging the English taught in French schools into simple and effective communication.

En Australie, l’apprentissage de la prise de parole commence dès cinq ans, à l’école, et la prise de parole est encouragée et développée pendant tout le parcours scolaire.

Dès son plus jeune âge, Mark apprend le piano et la danse.

En passant par l’équipe de débat au lycée, Mark évolue ensuite dans les domaines du théâtre, de la radio, du cinéma et de la télé : The Shopfront Theatre, The Australian Film Television and Radio School, Radio 2SER, The Rocks Players, the Adelaide Festival.

Il commence sa vie professionnelle comme directeur technique du Nimrod Theatre puis dirige de sa propre société de services techniques ; parmi ses clients étaient the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The Australian Caption Centre and the Heart Research Institute.

Parallèlement, chanteur et auteur-compositeur, Mark connait le succès sur la scène australienne avec ses groupes Cool Calm and Deceptive, Harry’s Vice, Glow, Afterglow and Broken Heart Research.

En 2001, Mark déménage à Paris pour suivre son cœur. Dès son arrivée en France, Mark est producteur pour Noma Music et Hopeful Dreamer aux Etats-Unis et sa musique a été utilisée dans la série 15-Love en Canada.

Comme consultant pour Rosie Drugeault Event Management, il gère des évènements au niveau européen et international pour Microsoft, Apple et Sun Microsystems, d’où sa grande capacité avec la prise de parole des dirigeants internationaux.

Mark est maintenant spécialiste de la prise de parole en anglais comme deuxième langue en France. En travaillant avec Mark, vous acquerrez l’aisance et l’assurance que votre message sera bien reçu en anglais.

Sur scène comme devant la caméra, à la radio ou encore en conseil d’administration, Mark s’appuie sur les techniques développées par TJ Walker, Alan Weiss et Matt Lohmeyer pour vous aider à mieux vous exprimer en anglais dans toutes les circonstances.

1. Wikipedia: Show and tell is a common expression about showing an audience something and telling them about it. In the United Kingdom, North America, New Zealand and Australia, it is a common classroom activity at early elementary school. It is used to teach young children the skills of public speaking. For example, a child will bring an item from home and will explain to the class why they chose that particular item, where they got it, and other relevant information.

In this « show and tell » activity, a child is explaining an umbrella they brought in.